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Content Management Systems

A content management system(CMS) helps you to manage the contents of a web page. A CMS is a powerful application which is used for the administration of a website. Wefix365 provides latest development methodologies in CMS development by using Wordpress, Joomla, Magento.
CMS development includes:

  • Customizable:customized tailor made websites.
  • Creative Freedom:create, deploy, manage and store content on Web pages.
  • Intuitive and Flexible:Innovative website design.
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What Exactly Is A CMS?

In most straightforward terms, a CMS is a software package that assists with the creation, distributed, organization and management of online content. As you will see beneath, most CMS look fundamentally the same to word transforming programming, similar to Microsoft's Word. A CMS not just makes the structure of how data articles, feature, plan components and pictures will be displayed, it gives the majority of the devices for populating a site. A CMS supports the web proofreader by giving instruments to the formation of substance, the distributed of the substance, and, at last to chronicling and putting away the substance. Possible upon the customer's requirements and staffing, the CMS can be intended for utilization by a profoundly specialized website admin or can be so basic and natural that even the most innovatively tested editors can utilize it adequately.

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Smooth Content Management

  • Control a dynamic collection of Web material
  • CMS facilitates document control
  • Create standard output templates including banners and widgets

Full Compatibility with third Party Plug-Ins

  • Integrate Plugin
  • Plugins like Payment method / checkout method / eCommerce
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Search Engine Optimization Abilities

  • Easily install, integrate and update affiliate marketing, Google Analytics.
  • CMS may catalog and index content, select or assemble content at runtime
  • Seamlessly update meta data, sitemaps, and more.
  • Rapidly update your sitemap to stay up with the latest with your site.

Multi-Tiered User Permissions

  • Grant CMS access to multiple team members or group
  • Limit access to different parts of your website.
  • Assign limited or administrative access to various team members.
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Open Source CMS Platforms

There are a variety of open source CMS Platforms which give seem less features to give you're the kind of functionality you are looking for and if they don't have that exact feature they give us plugins or extensions to achieve them as per the requested functionality. In case if any of these are not suiting your requirements then it is a mandate to customize the CMS system or make a custom CMS for you.

We can work on any CMS platform you choose which may include Joomla, magento, wordpress, Mambo etc but these platforms require plugins or extensions for enhancements which may or may not be reliable but if we build a custom CMS for you as per your specific needs it can make things like eating a cake for you. Easy, Simple and yes very important taking less time to manage. Above all it will allow any kind of features to be added easily.

Indeed, Huge number of clients of our open source E-Commerce Programming consistently take a interest in the gathering and have propelled learning of the arrangement. Despite the fact that Magento's Enterprise Edition gives numerous more hearty highlights and master bolster, our open source arrangement gives littler dealers the apparatuses they have to run their online stores all the more viably


CMS developed by third-parties

we have less ability to customize any features that clients wish to function outside of the standard settings

Repairing can be difficult and more time-consuming

we are not as familiar with these systems and therefore development / troubleshooting / future adjustments take much longer.

We have no contract by plug-ins or third-party when we go Custom

We are not bound by plug-ins or third-party coding in terms of customization; we can customize the CMS in a very highly manner where it will give you best result.

It permits for the most scalability moving forward

Our custom System is a vastly improved method for online organizations who predict their websites or their plan of action changing frequently or fundamentally after some time – this is a superior model for new/more up to date business wanders where customers have fair beginning spending plans; it considers the most versatility getting up and giving desired features as required.

Though Custom CMS has many advantages but please note it can take a lot of time depending on your requirements and would cost accordingly.