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Mobile Application Design

Mobile application design helps to create flexible user interface which can be easily adapted on various platforms. As mobile Apps are in high demands and therefore designers are utilizing their expertise to create innovative design for smart-phones,tablets,android ,blackberry and rest of the other platforms. If you are looking for a creative and innovative mobile application design company then you landed on the right place. Our mobile app designers and developers helps you to acquire the desired feel and look for the smart phones including I phones,android or Blackberry.
Main Goals of UI designs are:
1.Maintaining Consistency across Different platforms.
2.Maintaining user satisfaction.
3.Enhancement of overall Experience to make engagement of people.
4.To make SEO Friendly.

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An agile methodology is the hallmark of our mobile app design & development. The following steps go into creating world-class apps that are known for their speed & ease of use:

  • User Interface

    User interface is the challenging issue in the mobile application design. Basically the user interface for any smart-phone device offers an unique challenge for designing the user experience. It may be due to the fact that the devices have different screen resolutions or the Restricted navigation area. There are lots of difficulties faced by the UI/UX designers .But in wefix365 we provide a agile designing aspects for the number of smart phones that may be differ by their shapes or sizes.

    As a mobile application design company we accomplish following things for the clients:
    1.Researching user experience.
    2.Interactive Graphic designing.
    3.Front end developing using html/css/js.
    4.Back-end developing.

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    The development of user interface is mainly concern with the developing criteria that can be followed with the balanced approach of user interface and user experience. The UI developer develops the different phases of operating environment of smart-phones using html/css and sometimes the javascript also. In the UI development we not only focused on implementing the functionality of the device but also on which the functionality can be exposed by the user.

    Our mobile apps are known for their consultative and unique front-end, while at the back-end we provide effective support. UX design capabilities ensure that the apps not only meet user expectations, but also lead to your customers delight and achieve your goals.

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    If the developers have done its task then it comes to testing part which is essential and helps to find out the accessibility and execution on the different platforms is error prone.
    Testing for Native Applications:
    Native application basically provides the environment for rich user experience. Testing on the applications are generally performed in order to know that the application can be successfully downloaded to the device.
    Web-based application testing: Just like a website ,a mobile web application can also be visible across the globe. You can target the particular mobile web application which helps to understood the global dynamics. It mainly depends upon the risk associated with the accessibility of the particular web application.

    Mobile App testing often helps to find the Acceptability and Execution effects on several platforms of smart phone designing.Wefix365 helps to Fix all the issues that arises during testing of Mobile Applications.

  • implementation of mobile app


    In it the web based app construct and prototype has been made.
    UI should be designed in that way such that it can be analyzed by the users during the analysis time by following the use case scenarios that has been already described by the user. Prototype is nothing but a kind of rough sketch or a layout that describes the design about the user interface and their fundamental constructs.
    App constructs:
    App construct is the process of building the application and prepare for the change request in design.
    While implementing the UI we have to be focused on following:
    1.Proper command structure.
    2.Scroll bar and Dialog boxes.
    3.Screen resolutions.
    4.Multiple menu screen styling.

    Putting all the Phases Design,Development and Testing together often depends upon the flexibility and operating system of the Mobile devices. Thus the process can be implemented correctly and effectively that meet Business objectives.

Some of the important focus Areas

  • Native iOS, Android, Windows apps
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Complex Web Services Driven Apps
Mobile App
  • Responsive & Mobile Websites
  • Scalable Backend Systems
  • Mobile Strategy & Conceptualization

We've built simple standalone apps that use our own proprietary and internally built libraries to do QR code scanning and optimizing a dual-stream music player, and we,ve also built comprehensive web & mobile app systems that interact through web services and a central server with a CMS.

Mobile App Development Takes Many Formsdifference!

Maybe you want to take advantage of the second-screen phenomenon and engage your consumers while they're watching what they like or maybe you have an innovative idea for a new smartphone app but you need help bringing your vision to life across iOS, Android and Windows. Maybe you want to integrate emerging technology like Google Glass or the iWatch. Or maybe you just want some responsive web design to make sure that your website is always functional and frustration free, whether it's viewed on a desktop in the office or a smartphone on the go.

Iphone app development

iOS App Development

iOS is the world's most advanced mobile operating system, continually redefining what people can do with a mobile device.

Android App Development

Android 4.4 is built to run on more devices than ever before, and gives you more ways to showcase your content and create beautiful, useful, and innovative apps.

Android app development
responsive app designing

Responsive Web Design

Screen layouts adapt to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS media queries.

Emerging Technology

Wearables, like glasses and watches are just the beginning of a new frontier of mobile interfaces for custom software.


Setting design Goals

In redesigning both our iOS and Android apps, we set ourselves a few goals:

  • 1. Establish consistency across platforms
  • 2. Satisfy our current user base
  • 3. Enhance the overall experience to keep users coming back

That is not it, an app can be an important marketing strategy for your eCommerce business. Just wonder when anyone wants to buy anything they just open their mobile and start searching for that product or service online. If they have your app which can deliver the information of your product or service instantly then now or in future they would just open the app and look for the same within the app and potentially use your product or service.

An app can be delivered to you quickly depending upon its complexity.